“ A glass pitcher, a wicker basket, a tunic of coarse cotton cloth, a wooden casserole…

Their beauty is inseparable from their function; they are beautiful because they are useful. Handicrafts belong to a world existing before the separation of the useful and the beautiful.
                                                                          Octavio Paz “

"Rindani means the sun rises in Zapoteco"

Rindani combines weaving textiles, made by indigenous groups from remote lands in Mexico. Blending textures, colours, patterns and a pinch of creativity, we design and bring Mexican traditions into the contemporary life where the community strengths and preserves through social sustainability.

Through creativity, we seek to foster indigenous people’s work, specially woven, to preserve their roots and to flourish the extraordinary talent that has been vanishing.

 We currently work with indigenous people in Oaxaca and Chiapas.  We thrive for innovation and to connect people with their origins.



To inspire and foster Mexican craftsmanship through innovative products in Mexico and the world.



Our vision is to retrieve and deliver our ancestor’s work in Mexico and the world by giving people innovative products. We aim to expand our brand worldwide, flourishing and enduring the community’s traditions. We build on fair trade, integrity and teamwork.

Social Responsability

Mexico is one of a few remaining countries where handmade textiles have endured, passing through generations.

Reproducing objects from their ancestors, without any intervention of the post-industrial age. Indigenous artisans don’t forget their history, their traditions, creating harmony and beauty in what they do.


One of the principal challenges they face is poverty. A large percentage of the communities we work with don’t have a proper education, don’t speak Spanish, their knowledge about commerce is very simple and their work is under valued.

They make a living by what they have learned to do since they were born… to weave.


In Nabani, we are committed to the indigenous communities, promoting social participation, providing long-term employment generation and improving social welfare in the long run through the dissemination of their beautiful and colourful textiles.


We collaborate with OXFAM MEXICO AC.

One of their program in Mexico is: to support the initiatives of indigenous people that contribute with their fundamental rights, from an equity, inclusion, sustainability and intercultural approach. Their program’s objective is to foster, protect and fulfil their rights more effectively.

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  • I have a kundalini mat. Do you think it will fit?

    Yes, our packmats are made to fit up to 15 cm/ 6” diameter and 70 cm/27.5” large.

  • How do i wash my Packmat / Cintamat?

    Handmade textiles have to be taken care of carefully. We recommend you to wash it gently by hand and with cold water only. Do not use bleach or do not tumble dry.

  • Will you have the last-season design again?

    We have limited designs and colours.

    Every item is one-of a kind.

  • I live in a different City/Country, how many days would I have to wait to get my Packmat?

    It depends on where you live and the delivery option you select.

    The range goes from 3 – 20 days.

  • If you have another question, let us know. We will respond you shortly.

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